EB5 Affiliate Network

Providing Leading Professional Services in Real Estate and EB-5 Investments

Increasing Transparency in the Industry

Our mission is to increase transparency in the industry through best-in-class professional services and free-to-use tools

Providing Professional Solutions to Clients

We offer innovative, tailored solutions to developers, partners, and clients with respect to real estate structuring, regional centers and the EB-5 program.

Invest in Reliable Real Estate Projects

For suitable investors and clients, we structure real estate projects with safety and security in mind with respect to the EB-5 program.

Who We are

We are a diversified real estate investment and consultancy firm. Our company was founded with a single clear vision, to provide best-in-class professional services to the U.S. real estate and EB-5 industry with a focus on increasing transparency and structuring reliable projects. We are proud to say we have successfully executed this vision across a number of initiatives including through the successful funding and completion of real estate projects with 100% approval rates and the provision of free-to-use tools like the TEA Map, Rims II Job Calculator and Risk Assessment Questionnaire, designed to empower investors and their representatives to make informed decisions.

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What We Do

Our company has four main business segments. Through our consulting division, we offer professional services to project sponsors and real estate developers. Through our regional center division, we offer project sponsorship and regional center compliance services across our wholly-owned and operated regional centers. Through our projects division, we sponsor and provide opportunities in U.S. real estate investments, including through the EB-5 program. Through our real estate sales division, we offer tailored opportunities to real estate buyers in the U.S.

Consulting Solutions

We pride ourselves on consistently providing our clients with best-in-class services in the industry ranging from setting up your own regional center, structuring EB-5 projects, business plans, economic reports and full project documents.

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Regional Center Solutions

Our federally-designated regional centers are wholly-owned and operated by us and features one of the largest geographic coverage areas in the United States.  On a select basis, we sponsor high quality projects meeting our underwriting criteria

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We structure real estate projects with an eye towards capital preservation and, with respect to projects using the EB-5 program, green card safety. We are proud to have a 100% approval rate to-date across all of our projects.

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Real Estate

When it comes to selecting real estate opportunities, our team is second-to-none in identifying clients’ core needs and offering solutions tailored to them based on ever-changing market conditions.

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What is EB-5?

Our founding core business was structuring projects under the EB-5 program and this remains amongst our strongest offerings. The EB-5 immigration program was created to attract foreign investors and stimulate the US economy. It provides a reliable way for foreign nationals to obtain a Green Card while giving US project developers access to additional foreign capital. The foreign national typically invests USD$500, 000 into a newly-formed US business to create at least 10 full-time permanent jobs. In exchange, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) gives the foreign investor a Green Card.

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Client Testimonials


Ronald R. Fieldstone, Esq.

Partner, Arnstein & Lehr, LLP


“Today, over 750 USCIS-approved EB-5 regional investment centers exist, but we still choose to refer Sam’s company to our clients as our recommended EB-5 regional center access partner. I feel comfortable referring our clients to Sam because I have seen how he thinks through the structuring of a transaction and how our clients have responded to his pragmatic and transparent approach to structuring EB-5 investment offerings.”

Client Testimonials


EB5 Investors

EB5 Trade Organization


“EB5 Affiliate Network has blanketed the country with approved EB-5 regional centers that are available for rent at extremely competitive rates. Sam, Mike, and Tim also help EB-5 project owners with a wide range of solutions from regional center formation to EB-5 project documentation.”

Client Testimonials


Reid Thomas

NES Financial. Executive Vice President


“The EB5AN Tea Map tool is a must-use because it empowers project developers to quickly and easily evaluate alternative EB-5 project locations.”

Client Testimonials


Scott Parker

American EB5 Regional Center, President


““Everything went smoothly for my new regional center and I am now working with EB5AN on several EB-5 projects and I strongly recommend them to others as true “EB-5 expert” practitioners.”

Client Testimonials


Stephen Steele, Esq.

Regional Center Owner & EB-5 Project Sponsor


“After extensive research, we engaged EB5AN to prepare two (2) new regional center applications, both of which were approved in advance of the national USCIS averages without any RFEs. We consider contracting with EB5AN the most productive, economical and prudent way to do EB-5 applications as it eliminates the complications, uncertainties, and higher costs associated with trying to coordinate on one’s own all of the professionals necessary to make successful EB-5 filings.”

Client Testimonials


Xiaohan Zhu

EB-5 Project Sponsor


“On my strong recommendation, JD Capital engaged EB5AN to complete the project documentation for our first EB-5 project and to affiliate with EB5AN’s California Regional Center. EB5AN delivered all of the documents ahead of schedule, and we were extremely satisfied with the quality of work and prompt responsiveness during the process. The fees were very reasonable as well.”

Awards and Recognition

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